Today I got my hands on an O.MG cable. It is extremely well manufactured and to most it will be extremely stealthy.

I thought it would be fun and educational to do a side by side comparison to create a reference for some minor visual differences to be able to detect one in the field. This comparison was done with what I believe to be official Apple cables.

  1. Apple cables have more of a matte finish on the usb connector than the O.MG.

  2. The connector pins on the apple connector appear to be thinner (showing more background color) than the O.MG cable.

  3. O.MG cable looks like it has a little robot face.

  1. On the back side the Apple connector has a vertical seam where as the O.MG cable has no seam on the back.

  1. The O.MG cable has a vertical seam where as the Apple cable does not.

  • The Apple cable is about 1 inch in length longer than the O.MG